Mom friends are the best

shutterstock_472646278.jpgHaving a loving partner helps in welcoming a new baby. Having good friends, however, provides a whole different level of support.

My girlfriend Kristy and I were reflecting on those early days and how fortunate we were to have each other. We recognized how far our lives, and our bodies for that matter, had come. There were days when I felt as if my body was so far gone that I’d never get it back and it helped to talk with a friend who understood. I especially hated the aftermath above my C-section scar. It was a pooch below my belly button that was somehow solid and numb with scar tissue, yet flabby to the touch in a few scattered spots. It took my real mommy friend Kristy, who had three vaginal births, to address my complaints head on.

“I want my old tummy back,” I complained to her.

She laughed and quipped, “I want my old vagina back.”

“Okay,” I said, “you win.”

Here’s to good mom friends who will support you with a laugh and a slap-in-the-face response to your complaints. Glad we’ve got each other.